5 Autumn Tips for a Successful Spring Garden

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Autumn is here! It’s time winterize those gardens. Many gardeners let their gardens die back and don’t touch them until the spring. Here are some reasons you don’t want to do that.

1. Decrease bugs! Some harmful insects can overwinter in dead vegetation and hatch out in your garden in the spring. Get rid of debris.

2.Help fight disease! Fungus and bacteria can survive on plant tissue over the winter and infect new vegetation with disease. Remove old plant leaves and stalks.

3. Protect your soil! After old debris is cleared, covering your soil with mulch or straw will help protect it from the elements and erosion during the winter.

4. Prevent erosion and add nitrogen. Cleaning up and replanting with a cover crop will help prevent erosion and replenish nitrogen in the soil.

5. Add Nutrients!  It creates an opportunity to try trench composting.

A little effort now can save you a lot of time and money later.



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