The Social Graces of a Four Year Old Boy

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(All kid antics have been honey badger tested)

Life Lessons in Social Edicate 1-10

  • 1. Laying across the entrance to the school will not stop school.
    2. Biting your classmates hand when they try to help you at the computer because your hands are busy “typing” is wrong on all fronts.
    3. Leaving your superhero underpants on the floor of the little boys room is not sharing.
    4. Believing your classmate are “Stormtroopers” and you’re the only “good guy” is not fair.
    5. “Pew-pewing” the “Stormtroopers” won’t make you any friends.
    6. Throwing chairs when asked to do your writing work is not a bargaining tactic.
    7. Stuffing your cheeks with wadded up balls of pink construction paper does not make you “Murl the Squirrel.”
    8. Your game “Dangerous Windmill” which entails spinning in circles with your arms wide out and hitting classmates is not a team sport.
    9. Your mouth is not a rock tumbler.
    10. “Saving the World” by moving all the earthworms onto the grass is a pretty cool thing.
Stay tuned for lessons 11-20 next month!

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