The Social Graces of a Four Year Old Boy Continued: Lessons 11-20

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 All antics have been Honey Badger Tested

Life Lessons in Social Edicate 11-20

11.  “Forgetting” your underpants at home only works once.

12.  Going to school commando so you can feel your “fluffy pants” is not acceptable.

13.  Telling the teacher fluffy pants are more comfy and soft than your underpants is also unacceptable.

14.  School is not a “movie” that you’re creating.

15.  Making “map paths” all over your letter sheet is not tracing.

16.  Making maps to get to the “bad guys” is not the work the teacher wants you to do.

17.  At the moment, making maps that lead to bad guys is not “more important” than tracing your letters. You are welcome to continue your “important work” at home.

18.  Your friends are not “the bad guys.”

19.  Snails do not want to live in your pockets.

20.  When asked if he kept his hands to himself today, Honey Badger replied “Yes, but she said I could kiss her.”   Me=Facepalm

Stay tuned for 21-30 in March!  


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